Planning and Management Tools for Airlines and Airports

AirSched has been providing the aviation industry with scheduling and optimization systems for more than 30 years. We service both airlines and airports around the world and we fuel that expertise into our products. Our tools are modern, unique and custom-built for some of the industry’s biggest challenges including:

Airport Capacity Management and Planning
Airport Slot Coordination
Airline Network Planning
Airline Slot Management

Our clients include:


AirSched for Airports

Managing activities at the gate and optimizing resource allocation are essential to the efficient operation of your airport. Our cloud-based, comprehensive AirPort product encompasses all of the airport’s Resource sectors such as Stands, Baggage, Check-In, Security, Buses, and more. Our AirPort system can interface with multiple data sources and is guaranteed to incorporate all of your airport’s requirements, restrictions, constraints and priorities.

The AirPort package includes:

Capacity Management
Stand Planning
Slot Coordination



AirSched for Airlines

AirSched has been helping airlines plan, grow and manage their operations for more than 3 decades. Our suite of products will meet all of your airline planning and operation needs. We provide comprehensive, integrated tools for:

Network Planning
Commercial Planning
Codeshare Management
Slot Management
Operations Control

Airport Capacity Management


With traffic booming around the world, airports need effective tools at their disposal to help them optimize operations, make informed decisions and reduce workload. Our AirPort module can calculate and optimize capacity management for your airport resources, helping you improve your airport efficiency and reduce congestion while meeting the needs of airlines.

AirPort evaluates all Resource needs, producing count and/or allocation results in a few seconds or minutes. The system is also able to quickly and accurately identify problem areas, ‘choke points’, within an allocation and propose appropriate solutions as well as identify areas for further improvements, including opportunities for revenue growth.

Airport Slot Coordination


Our AirCord module makes slot allocation, management and data collection easy. AirCord contains a range of different functions and capabilities including:
• Importing and exporting of slot messages
• Storing of slot data in airport related tables
• Determining and recording of grandfather rights
• Evaluation of airport limitations
• Graphical presentation of slots
• Extensive reporting capabilities

Network Planning


With AirFlight you can quickly create and edit schedules, produce reports, and export and import schedule data in SSIM and other formats.


AirDraw automatically computes itineraries and displays results in an efficient and versatile browse window.


AirFlow significantly increases your schedule efficiency while respecting all fleet constraints.

Commercial Planning


With AirWorld you can measure your own performance against those of your competitors as well as identify market opportunities.


AirTime helps you create city (pair) timetables including connections and generate timetable comparison and QSI data reports.


With AirTraffic, users can quickly and accurately generate traffic spill and unassigned data reports.

Financial Analysis


AirFinance gives you Profit & Loss reporting capabilities from the top down to the level of the flight leg.


AirPlan quickly performs complex calculations of vast data sets, giving the user accurate flight, route and network profitability insight.

Codeshare Management


AirShare makes monitoring and managing your codeshare agreement easy. You can automatically import and evaluate codeshare flights requested by your partner airlines and, secondly, evaluate and submit requests for your own codeshares on flights operated by your partner airlines.

Slot Management


Our comprehensive slot management tool. AirSlot works with you at every stage of the slot planning and management tool. Seamlessly handles all SCR and SMA messages as well as alerts to potential slot loss due to 80/20 rules.

Operations Management

The AirControl Operations Management module includes a wide range of capabilities such as:
• Flight Schedule Importing in SSIM Format
• Movement Messages Handling
• Complete Flight Log Tracking

About Us

AirSched is backed by over 30 years of successful business practice within the field of aviation software. Our tools are modern and cloud-based, user-friendly, scaleable and cost-effective.

At AirSched, we know that no two businesses are the same and therefore we believe that the technology supporting your business operations should reflect the specific needs of your company. That’s why our software solutions are designed to accommodate airlines and airports both large and small.

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